Why You Need to Take a Daycation


What's a "daycation"? 

A "daycation" is a taking a day to yourself to just get away from your normal routine. It's for those who are either too broke or busy to take an extended vacation to another city or country. I took a daycation this past Saturday to Lewes Beach, DE. After grinding in school and at my summer internship and with the fall semester beginning the following Monday, I needed some alone time in a place that wasn't Baltimore or D.C. What I needed was a day at the ocean to reflect, relax and meditate and enjoy my own company...and get lost in a good book. 

So what did I do? I prepped some beach snacks -- salted chocolate and peanut butter popcorn, carrots, celery and a greek-yogurt dip, and a grilled chicken and pasta salad -- I prepared my beach chair, my umbrella (which turned out to be completely useless), towels, book and I was off! I enjoyed every moment of my 2.5-hour drive to the water, though I certainly didn't enjoy the tolls I had to pay. But nonetheless, I felt the stress wearing away from me the closer I got to the beach. 

For three hours, I laid on the sand and read my book. I meditated to the comforting sounds of the waves crashing. I took time to reflect on my recent health changes and all of my accomplishments and failures and recommitted myself to goals I let fall by the wayside and why I originally committed to them in the first place. 

Then I went to go eat fish tacos. 

It's not a daycation without tacos. 


As I drove back, I witnessed a beautiful sunset over the Chesapeake Bay and felt an enormous sense of gratitude for all of the blessings in my life. I felt more relaxed than I have almost all year. I felt ready to honor my commitments and start the new school year ready to learn and excel. In short, my day trip to the beach was everything I needed. 



This is why you need one too. 

Self-care is so important and sometimes, I think people believe we need to go on extravagant vacations to relax when an exciting getaway is simply a few hours away. If we waited to take fancy vacations to take care of our mental and emotional health, we'd all go crazy due to stress. Unfortunately, a lot of us probably are. So, take a break. Daycations can be inexpensive because you don't have to worry about airline tickets or paying for a hotel, just pay for gas, parking, and food.

Next time you need to get away, just for a day, go. Plan a day to relax someplace away from home. Get lost in a good book, hike, visit a beach or explore a town close by, and definitely eat tacos. Do whatever you need to do to relieve stress.

Why wait?