Clean Eating Grocery List

One of the first steps to changing your lifestyle is to change what food you keep in your fridge and cabinets. A big part of reaching your weight loss and health goals is putting yourself in the best position to succeed and reinforce good habits. Below, you’ll find a list of items to buy at the grocery store and tips on how to navigate it. I have a downloadable PDF version of this checklist as well. I recommend downloading a new copy every week as you become familiar with shopping for clean foods.

Downloadable PDF full Clean Eating Grocery List 

The main food groups to shop for are:

-       Meat/Poultry

-       Dairy

-       Vegetables

-       Fruit -- For more information on how to pick the perfect fruit, visit Shari's Berries. 

-       Grains/Nuts/Legumes

-       Seafood

-       Herbs

-       Other

Tips for Grocery Shopping:

·      Stick to the outskirts of the grocery store. It’s where you’ll find the freshest, healthiest and least expensive food.

·      Buy foods that are in season. They’re less expensive and are more flavorful.

·      Buy your vegetables frozen. You can buy a lot of them, even ones that are out of season, without breaking the bank and make sure they retain their freshness. They’ll last a long time in your freezer too.

·      Don’t buy fruits, vegetables, and herbs that show signs of bruising and wilting.

·      Check for firmness and color on fruits and vegetables. If a fruit is too green, that means it’s not ripe. If it’s too soft, it’s on its way out. Personally, if I’m buying fresh fruits and veggies, I purchase them while they’re a little green and little too firm and let them ripen at home.

I hope this list serves as a useful guide on what to buy at the grocery store. If there’s anything else I should add, let me know!


€      Boneless, skinless chicken breast

€      Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

€      Whole or Rotisserie chicken

€      Ground Turkey

€      Round cuts of steak


€      Almond Milk

€      Reduced Fat or Skim Milk

€      Soy Milk

€      Coconut Milk

€      Half-n-Half Cream

€      Fat-Free Cream

€      Reduced Fat, Skim or Fat-Free Cheese


€      Broccoli

€      Green Beans

€      Spinach

€      Kale

€      Carrots

€      Onions

€    €  Cauliflower

€      Cabbage

€      Celery

€      Garlic

€      Asparagu


€      Avocado

€      Bell Peppers

€      Squash

€      Tomatoes

€      Apples

€      Grapes

€      Oranges

€      Bananas

€      Melons

€      Pears

€      Peaches

€      Figs


€      Beans

€      Almonds

€      Walnuts

€      Brown Rice

€      Whole-Wheat or Brown-Rice Pasta

€      Quinoa

€      Couscous

€      Oats

€      Sunflower Seeds


€      Salmon

€      Cod

€      Whiting

€      Swai

€      Halibut

€      Shrimp

€      Lump Crab (Imitation crab doesn’t exist on this website)


€      Basil

€      Rosemary

€      Thyme

€      Herbs de Provence

€      Parsley

€      Sage

€      Cilantro


€      Extra Virgin Olive Oil

€      Canola Oil

€      Peanut Oil

€      Coconut Oil

€      Avocado Oil

€      Almond Oil

€      Kosher Salt

€      Fresh Ground Pepper